Why you need a Vodafone Signal Booster.

We understand how hard it is to have bad mobile signal in our homes, offices or businesses. Especially in 2018, when we communicate, complete transactions and even make payments on our mobile phones, tablets and computers.

These simple but important reasons, having strong mobile signal very important. The problem is the majority of the population around the world does not. The Vodafone mobile signal spreads throughout the country side and cities, but sometimes it does not reach our phones and when it does, it is only a weak one bar or two.Luckily, we are here to offer a solution to all your poor mobile signal problems! We offer a wide variety of Vodafone Signal Boosters, that strongly amplify the Vodafone mobile signal and that amplify 2G, 3G, and 4G if needed. All of our Vodafone Signal Boosters are super easy to install and comes with everything you need to simply set it up and then enjoy fast and improved mobile signal.

The Vodafone Signal Boosters.

The Vodafone Signal Boosters are small but powerful devices designed to increase Vodafone mobile signal reception. Our boosters work by using three main elements: an exterior antenna, an amplifier, and an interior antenna.

These Vodafone Signal Boosters will take the present signal around your property, office, vehicle or work-related building and amplify it. Afterwards, the signal will be rebroadcasted to the areas that receive weak signal or no reception so you will be able to make calls and not experience frustrating interruptions.

These Vodafone Signal Boosters also can help you improve the customer service in telemarketing or your long distance business meetings. The Signal Boosters will avoid coverage loss, and eliminate all the interruptions, dropped calls and slow data from your devices: smartphones, tablets, etc. It will make your life a lot easier and depending on why you need a Vodafone Signal Booster, it can also be a big help for your business.

How does the Vodafone Signal Boosters work?

Primarily, the outside antenna receives signal from the nearest mobile tower. In this case Vodafone carrier towers, then transmit the signal to the internal antenna; the booster then receives signal directly from the outside antenna and retransmits the signal in various directions

Some of the Vodafone signal boosters we offer here at Mobile Repeater UK are made with indoor antennas and amplifier as a single unit or are connected by a cable. We also offer Vodafone Signal Boosters that have multiple exterior antennas; which are usually used for Boosters than need to cover large areas.

There are other sites and companies that offer Signal Booster that do not come complete as a kit. Why is this problem? The problem is, you would have to buy every part of the Signal Booster individually; which would make it hard to be completely sure the signal booster would work correctly and efficiently.  Mobile Repeater UK has products that come complete as a kit and are super easy to install. The kit comes complete with the Signal Booster, an external and/or internal antenna, power supply and 10 meters of coaxial cables; so you can buy and install it quickly, and you don´t need to buy or worry about anything else.

Why do I receive bad mobile signal in the first place?

There are various but simple reasons why your reception is weak. Although it is super easy to blame our network carrier, such as Vodafone; but the thing is, it is not always their fault. Here are some simple reasons why you receive poor mobile signal:

  1. Distance. One of the main reasons of a weak reception is the distance from your service providers’ tower and you. The farther you are from your service provider’s tower; you will receive less and less signal. The Vodafone signal boosters will help you avoid poor reception despite these distance problems.
  1. Building materials or object interference. Materials like metal, glass or thick concrete could cause this kind of  interferences as well as an electronic, magnetic or conductive material that can block the coverage from Vodafone Mobile Signal. This could be the explanation of why you receive poor mobile network inside of your home or office when the outside signal is super strong, or the service providers tower is close to your home.
  1. Natural interferences. It is also a problem when external interferences affect mobile reception. Since a mobile network is a radio wave that requires a clear line in long distances to reach your devices; things like trees, mountains, tall buildings and some weather situations like rain, thunderstorms and snow can weaken or completely block the  mobile network


  1. Frequencies. The frequency used by Vodafone Signal Boosters and other UK Networks is also very important to avoid dropped calls and to have a good 3G and 4G reception. The lower the frequency the easier it is to reach your mobile phone.


Are these Vodafone Signal Booster difficult to install?

Not in the least! On the complete contrary; these Vodafone Signal Boosters are so easy and simple to install, that we suggest you give it a try yourself! The instillation process is super simple and it takes less than thirty minutes to install. However, if you prefer technical assistance or are having a difficult time with the instillation of a Vodafone Signal Booster we are always more than ready and happy to assist you.

Mobile Repeater UK is here to help!

We recognize that finding a Signal Booster system that is just perfect for you is not a ‘walk in the park’! There are a myriad of online sites that offer Signal Booster systems, and it’s hard to know which will offer the optimum products and service. Moreover, we are more than proud to say that we are now the #1 Mobile Repeater shop on-line, and all acknowledgments go to our incredible customers, who have helped us improve, advance and have been a part of our Mobile Repeater UK team for more 11 years now, and many more to come!


If you have any questions about the Vodafone Signal Boosters or any other Mobile Repeaters we offer on our site, frequencies, free shipping, 2G,3G or 4G networks, the Vodafone mobile network, customized instillation or designs questions, Repeater prices or any other question, please feel free to contact us via E-mail or give us a quick ‘ring’! We are always more than pleased to assist you or answer any questions you might have, before or after the purchase of one of our fast-result giving Vodafone Signal Booster systems.