Things to know about WiFi calling 

A woman without a cell booster, holding up a nonfunctional phone

WiFi calling is the answer to all your worries about connecting with your friends and family if you don’t have access to a telephone line. You do not have to depend on your cellular carrier’s network to make a voice call if you are connected to a WiFi network and have the WiFi calling facility in your phone. 

What Is WiFi Calling?

A WiFi call is no different from a regular call except for the fact that the channel used is the internet and not the phone line. You do not have to use your carrier’s network connection because you are using the available WiFi network. WiFi connections at airports, hotels, homes and offices can be used to make WiFi calls. 

How Do You Set Up WiFi Calling In Your Phone?

WiFi calling is not an app, but it is a function that is preinstalled in the phone. Using it, you can make a call while you are in places with no coverage. All you need is a WiFi connection. You can use any WiFi network, paid or free to make WiFi calls. 

Are There Any Alternatives To WiFi Calling?

If your phone doesn’t have WiFi calling function, you can download an app to let you make calls using a WiFi network. Merely installing the app is not enough to make the call. The person whom you want to call should have the same app installed in their phone. You can make WiFi calls as long as you have data in your phone. You need not worry even if you have no data in your phone because you can just activate your WiFi search and you will hopefully find a free WiFi connection. To search for WiFi networks, you can use effective WiFi map apps. 

The biggest advantage of WiFi calling is that you do not have to entirely depend on your cellular network anymore. You may notice weak cellular reception in some areas but the WiFi networks at homes or other buildings may be perfectly fine. WiFi calling is the right choice you can make in such situations. 

WiFi calling is not the same as apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype that let you make voice calls using WiFi network or your own data connection. These apps use the VoIP( Voice over internet protocol) while WiFi calling uses an altogether different system. 

Being in signal dead zones is a nightmare for many as it bothers being unable to use mobile networks for cellular communication. Even if you receive zero signals from your cellular carrier, you can still make calls using WiFi calling functionality, provided you are connected to a stable WiFi network. A cell signal booster may be able to solve your connection issues.