Where To Put The External Antenna Of A Signal Booster

A cellular signal booster kit comes with a donor antenna, also known as an outdoor antenna. This picks up the cellular signal available outside a building and then relays it to the signal booster unit placed indoors. It is essential to put the donor antenna at the right place outside to have the best possible gain from the booster. In this context, the word ‘gain’ means the amount of signal improvement achieved. 

Which Is The Best Location To Place The Donor Antenna?

Many users frequently ask this question. Many factors determine this location. It is usually mounted on a place outside your house or on your roof’s outer surface at a distance from other antennae. When you can do this, determine the spot at home where you get the strongest signal, and place the antenna around there.

A donor antenna is usually located on the tallest point of a residence like a roof or an attic. You should never place it near the internal antenna or your main booster unit. There should be a minimum of 4.5 meters of vertical distance from the antenna to the equipment unit.

Usually, the taller the antenna location, the better your cellular signal will be. However, it is occasionally not so. You have to determine the place in which the signal is the most consistent. Determine the strength of the signal by looking at the decibel readings on your phone. The way to see the decibel data mary vary by the phone model and the version of the operating system installed.

The decibel reading is a negative figure, don’t worry! It is just how the reading appears on your phone. A reading close to zero represents a strong cellular signal. After finding where the strongest cellular signal is, note down the location. You have to place the donor antenna around that place. If it is a Yagi antenna, it has to be pointed towards your carrier’s cell site.

Remember that placing an external antenna near any other device that relies on frequencies may cause efficiency issues with your system. The interfering device can be a different booster antenna like the one your neighbor uses, or your satellite dish.