What You Need To Know About Wi-Fi Signal Boosters


Wi-Fi signal boosters are now widely used for extending the range of Wi-Fi signals. It can accept the existing signals from a router and boost it for transmitting to the required areas. With the help of a Wi-Fi wireless booster, you can double the coverage area of your router. This means that you can cover more area without having to buy a new router. 

What Is The Difference Between A Booster And Range Extender?

A signal booster will accept the existing signals and boost them for increasing its strength to cover more areas. A repeater or range extender works in a similar way too. 

But the difference between them is that a booster will transmit the signals using the same network id, whereas an extender will create a separate network. That is, if the address of the network provided by your router is “Network1”, then a booster will also use the same network id for broadcasting the signals, whereas an extender will create another network, say “Network2”, for broadcasting the signals. Therefore, for getting the signals from the extender, you will have to connect to the second network.

How Does A Wi-Fi Booster Work?

A Wi-Fi booster has two routers. One router is used for accepting the signals from the existing Wi-Fi router, whereas, the second router is used for transmitting the boosted signals to the required areas. 

How To Install A Wi-Fi Booster?

Wi-Fi boosters are very easy to install. The first step you have to do is mount the first booster in an area where it can receive signals from the original Wi-Fi network. Install the second router in the area you want to cover, and then connect the power supply. You can then log into your Wi-Fi booster from your computer, and enter the login details and password of your original Wi-Fi network for allowing the wireless booster to connect and extend the coverage.

Will My Device Switch Between Networks Automatically?

If you are out of the coverage area of your primary network, then your device will switch to the second network. But in some parts of your house, your device may detect both networks. Hence, if you want to switch from the original network to the boosted one, you will have to disconnect from the first and reconnect to the second.

Will The Repeated Network Be Secure?

Yes. The boosted network will provide you the same levels of security as your existing Wi-Fi router. Hence, you don’t have to worry about security issues.