Ways To Boost An iPhone’s Signal Strength And Data Speed

A man boosting his iPhone data speed.

Having reliable internet speeds matters more than before, particularly if you work from home in the COVID-19 period. If your fixed-line internet connection goes down, your first thought would be to rely on your iPhone’s hotspot feature. Shared below are some methods of fixing signal problems before you might rely on an iPhone signal booster as the last resort. 

Toggle The Device’s Airplane Mode

Switching on the mode and disabling it, is the easiest and fastest way of fixing your iPhone signal woes. If you have an iPhone X-model device, open the Control Center application on it and swipe downwards from the upper-right corner to enable the mode. If your iPhone model is older than an X-series device, swipe upwards from the bottom to do this. After enabling the iOS Airplane mode, wait 60 seconds or so before you disable it.

Restart The Device

Press the Home button on a non-X-series iPhone and hold the so-called ‘sleep/wake’ button up to the time you can see the iOS power slider. Drag this slider to your right side. After iPhone switches off, push and hold that button until Apple’s logo arrives on the screen.

An iPhone X-model device’s user should push and hold its side button and the volume down or up button simultaneously. Doing this will reveal the iOS power slider, which they will have to drag to their right side for switching off the device. After it turns off, hold the same side button up to the time Apple’s logo comes on the screen.

Take Out The SIM Card

A different step is to take out the SIM card and place it back inside, with the device in working mode. You will require a paper clip or a purpose-built tool to take the SIM card tray from the device. Check for damages in the card and the tray before putting it back inside the phone of yours.

Check The Carrier Settings

These settings’ updates aid in optimizing your iPhone connectivity. To forcibly make the iOS software check for the update, open the ‘Settings’ application, and navigate to General > About. The iOS would prompt you to install a settings update if it is available.

Contact The Carrier

You can sometimes trace back sudden signal problems to issues with the telecommunications service provider of yours. The issue could be that a cell site is down or that carrier coverage does not extend to your place. Certain carriers give a wireless range extender, an electronic device that works with a broadband Wi-Fi connection to solve the network coverage issue.