How To Point Your Uni-Directional Outside Antenna

a woman using her cell phone with a signal booster.

When installing the outside antenna of your cell phone service boosters, you have to be aware of the type of antenna you are using. Mainly, there are two types of outside antennas used in the cell service boosters for accepting the signals from the outside areas. The first type is the omni-directional antenna, which is the easiest to install and maintain. This antenna can be suitable for you if you are living in an urban area where the strength of the outside signals is good. It is also capable of receiving signals from all directions. However, this antenna has a short-range, hence, it cannot attract signals from long distances. 

The second type of antenna is the uni-directional antenna, which receives signals from only one direction but is very powerful in comparison with the omni-directional antenna. You can use this antenna in rural or urban areas because of its ability to attract signals from long distances. However, you need certain levels of technical expertise for installing this type of antenna, as you have to notice certain things before installing it. Otherwise, you may not get the intended results. 

The following are some of the important things you have to be aware of when installing a uni-directional antenna. 

Finding The Right Spot

Finding the right spot that has good signal strength is important irrespective of the type of antenna you are using. The strength of the signals provided by your cell phone service booster will be dependent on the strength of the signals it receives. Therefore, make sure to find a good spot that has the maximum signal strength for installing your outside antenna. 

Finding The Direction Of The Cell Tower Of Your Carrier

This is important for uni-directional antennas. As these antennas receive signals from only one direction, you have to point it in the direction of the nearest cell tower of your service provider. You can use the help of your carrier’s website for finding the nearest cell tower. 

Point The Antenna Away From Your Home/Office

If the directional antenna is pointed towards your building, there is a great possibility for it to attract the signals from your inside antennas thereby resulting in a condition called oscillation, which can have a negative impact on the performance of your cell service boosters. Hence, make sure that you install this antenna at the end of your roof in a manner that it is pointed away from your home. 

The installation of a uni-directional antenna is a little bit complicated when compared to that of the omni-directional antenna. Therefore, you have to be careful when installing them to get the best performance.