Tips For Choosing The Best Signal Amplifier For An Office

three cellular communication towers.

It is important to ensure reliable cellular signals for mobile phone users in an office. So, as an entrepreneur, you must do whatever it takes to ensure it, even if this means choosing a cell phone booster system. Keep reading to know more about making the choice.


Know The Strength Of Signals Available Outside The Building

This will dictate the strength of cellular signals delivered in an amplified form to areas indoors. If the cell signal strength available out is so poor, potential users indoors may only be capable of doing basic tasks such as texting and calling. The stronger the signal, the better will be the output through the cell phone extender.


Consider The Internal Construction Of The Building

When seeking better coverage in the whole building, you must know the raw materials used for your walls. Different materials cause different amounts of signal loss. Metal is likely to cause the most loss of signal, whereas drywall causes the least of it. So, choose the booster antenna according to this factor to avoid overspending on the system.


Estimate The Number Of Devices That Require Better Signal

Is the building made to accommodate only some people? Or, are you running a call center? The booster capacity is among the main things to consider when choosing the product. This is to say, the more its gain, the better would be the additional coverage it could have. For your information, the word ‘gain’ here means the amount of signal improvement through the product.


Consider Purchasing Antenna Expansion Equipment

A business operating out of one room will possibly require just a single antenna. Ranch-style properties will perhaps require another antenna. Do you wish to have coverage in a multi-level building? If yes, you would have to scale up the booster antenna coverage and the device’s power to fit your requirements.


You should think about utilizing multiple antennae in one of these situations.

  • When there is a weak signal outside and/or the building layout is narrow and long.
  • If the office space is enclosed.


In the event of the signal outdoors being strong, you would possibly have to install an antenna for each 1,000 sq. ft of coverage. If there are multiple levels in the building, be sure to have an antenna for users on every single floor.