Satellite Phone Vs Cell Phone: A Comparison 

A man using a cell signal booster to enjoy his phone.

Cell phone use has become so popular that many find it difficult to even imagine a life without it. Modern-day cell phones come with many advanced features that people never thought would be possible. The ability of cell phones to keep you connected is appreciable but users expect it to work at all locations and circumstances. When you are struggling to get signals in your cell phone, a satellite phone can be really of use to you. 

In this article, we are making a comparison between cell phones and satellite phones.

Cell Phone Vs Satellite Phone

Cell phones transmit signals via land-based towers. Each geographical area is divided into units of a smaller area, referred to as cells. Your phone receives signals from the tower that is closest to the cell you are in. When you move to a new cell, your cell phone will connect to a tower that is closest to it. If you are in a place that doesn’t have a transmitting tower of your carrier, your signal reception will be affected adversely. The degree to which signal reception is disrupted depends on how far you are from the transmitting tower. The longer the tower-phone distance, the weaker will be the signal reception.

Satellite phones are different from cell phones because they do not depend on land-based towers for transmission. Instead, they depend on the satellites orbiting the earth for communication. The signals from your satellite phone are directly sent to the nearest satellite. The received signals are sent by satellite to the nearest gateway or land-based center from where they are sent to the receiving landline, cell phone or satellite phone. 

The fact that satellite phones do not rely on land-based towers explains why they are useful in remote areas. 

Applications Of Satellite Phone And Cell Phone 

Cell phones have more diverse features than satellite phones. While satellite phones are usually used to make and receive calls, cell phones can be used to perform a wide variety of functions including browsing the internet, storing files, and more. However, newer models of satellite phones are available with features that allow the users to access the internet in certain hotspots and also send and receive text messages. 

Satellite phones are popular for their usability in emergency situations. They facilitate communication in remote areas and during power outages when land-based communications generally shut down.

If your cell phone continues to have issues in your home or vehicle, consider purchasing a mobile signal booster.