Reasons For Slow Internet Speed In Your Smartphone

In today’s world, we cannot think of a day that we do not use the internet. It has become an integral part of our day-to-day life. Most of us use the internet for accessing social media, sending emails, reading news, watching videos, etc. Almost all industries rely on the internet and if they lose internet connectivity for even a minute, the financial loss will be in millions. 

Poor internet connectivity is frustrating for common people also. We often see that our mobile data speed is very slow even with 3-5 bars on the cell phone. Since smartphones are the quickest way to access the internet, we need to have uninterrupted cellular connectivity. There are several reasons for slow data speed on your smartphone. Some of the problems such as network configuration or the wrong data package can be solved easily. 

Here are two of the main reasons you experience slow data speed on your smartphones. 

Wrong Router Position

Poor positioning of the Wi-Fi router is one of the main reasons for slow Wi-Fi. The effective range of Wi-Fi signals is about 230 feet and after this range, the signals become weak. Also, the signals may be blocked by walls, doors, or large objects. That means you have to place the Wi-Fi router in a position where there are no obstacles that could block the signals. The router should be placed in a room that is accessible to every cell phone user in the house.

Poor Cellular Connection

If you are using mobile data and the cell reception in your area is poor, you won’t get high-speed internet connectivity. Poor cell reception is caused due to weak signal strength. There are many factors that affect the signal strength, such as distance from the cell tower, bad weather conditions, obstacles that block the cell signals, etc. Sometimes the low battery charge is also one of the reasons for poor cell reception. 

How To Improve The Data Speed In Your Smartphone?

The best solution for slow data speed in your cell phone is using a signal booster. If the main reason for your poor internet connectivity is a weak cell signal, then a cellular repeater is the best choice. The device will increase the strength of the cell signals coming from the cell tower and you will receive amplified cell signals. With boosted cell signals, your internet connectivity will improve and you can upload and download data at high speed without any interruption.