Range Extenders And Their Pros And Cons

Have you been noticing frequent call drops while answering phone calls at home? Or do you have a problem with dead spots? If you answered yes, then here is how to get a better signal – install a range extender. Are you wondering what a range extender is? It is a device that is used to expand the reach of the network signals. It collects the signals from the router, enhances them, and rebroadcasts them.


In the discussion that follows, you will come across a few of the advantages as well as disadvantages of installing a range extender. This will surely help you in deciding whether it is a good addition to your homes or not.


The Pros

A few of the advantages enjoyed by customers who have installed the range extender are discussed below.


Expanded Coverage And Range

This is an important advantage you will be enjoying after installing an extender. An extender facilitates the expansion of the coverage throughout your homes. It will boost the signals and will broadcast them to your mobile phones. 


Convenient And Inexpensive

Easy installation is also another important trait of an extender. This makes it highly convenient and inexpensive. These are normally plug-and-play devices and that accounts for its comparatively lower price. Furthermore, you don’t need extra cables to attach it to your router. Therefore, on the whole, it is a win-win. 


Use Old Router

If you have an old router that you are not using currently, you can transform it into a repeater and use it. This will facilitate better signal reception, even if you are standing in a previously dead zone of your house. This is because; after you have installed a range extender, there will not be a dead zone in any corner of your house. 


Dedicated Devices

The manufacturers of these devices carefully design these devices to provide the customers with a great experience. Thus once you have invested in a range extender, you will not have to have to buy a new one because of the subsidized performance of the device. 


The Cons

The experienced customers of a range extender reported the following flaws while using these devices.


Double NATing

It is a problem that arises because you have connected a router right behind another router. This will create two private networks which will create problems when you visit secure sites with SSL.


Additionally, you may experience weak signals and lower speeds if improperly installed.