Is The Time Of 3G Over?

A diagram showing the mechanics of a 4g cell booster.

Our senses are not any less bombarded by the advertisements hyping the future of 5G and wireless devices. Everything from sending snaps to your friends, loved ones and back, to be able to use the same smart phone to make crystal clear conversations be it in Beijing, Cape town, New York or Paris, surfing the web at blinding speeds- all of which was a work of fiction 30 years back, is an awe-inspiring reality.  

But with everything new that makes itself known in the scene, means that something old has to depart and disappear into the shadows. This something old and archaic is none other than 3G. Many believe that still hooking onto this dated telecommunication technology has been similar to flushing money of governments, carriers, consumers and application developers, down the drain.  

The Timeline 

The first generation made use of analog tech in order to transmit voice. The second generation took things a step further with everything going digital, which increased the capacity of the network and made the quality of voice and data being sent, better. Data connectivity was improved in the 2.5G technology roll-out. The 3G or third generation was the evolution that promised super-fast data transmissions and a higher capacity-which for the most part, it delivered. 

But then, 3G was left in the dust by 4G which boasted of larger bandwidths and lightning fast data speeds. The age of video conferencing was more accessible as a result of 4G, and for once you could clearly see and hear the person on the other end of the line without having to scream ‘What?!’ every other second. 

The landscape is again about to be changed for the better with the release of 5G or fifth generation, although the release has been restricted to only certain nations and cities. It is estimated that, it could be well into the 3rd decade of this century, that 5G becomes a household name and accessible on every phone.

Bidding Goodbye

The first sign of changing times is Verizon confirming that they would no longer be activating 3G cell phones. Other network carriers will soon follow suit. But for those who are planning on purchasing 3G enabled cellular devices or 3G call booster, it is a good time. Cell phone signal booster will be cheaper, but the advice to upgrade to a 4G version shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many 4G enabled cell boosters that are available in the market, and for the most part, it is a great investment if the weak signal strength is what plagues your smartphone.