Tips For Installing The Directional Antenna Of Your Cellular Signal Booster

When planning to buy a cellular signal booster, you should be aware of the type of antennas used in them for choosing the best antenna that can fit your requirements. You have to be very careful when selecting your external/exterior antenna, as it is a significant factor that can impact the performance of your cell phone service boosters. 

You have to choose an external antenna based on the area that you are living in. If there is better outside signal strength in your area, then your ideal choice can be an omni-directional antenna that is used for receiving signals from all directions. The installation of this type of antenna is comparatively easy. You have to install it in a spot with maximum cell reception outside your building and it will receive signals from all directions and from multiple carriers. 

Another type of external antenna is the uni-directional antenna that is specifically designed for accepting signals from only one direction. Having a short-range helps them to receive signals from long distances. Hence, they are ideal for use even in areas where there is poor cell reception. 

Installing the uni-directional antenna can be a little bit complicated in comparison with the installation of an omni-directional antenna. Hence, you might need some technical expertise for installing the directional antennas of your cellular signal booster.

The following are some of the important factors to consider when installing the directional antennas:

Find The Right Antenna Location

This an important step you have to perform irrespective of the type of external antenna you are using. Find a spot with the maximum signal strength to install your antenna. This can help you to ensure that your antenna receives maximum cell signals from your carrier. 

Find The Direction Of The Cell Tower

This step is important for directional antennas. You have to point this type of antenna in the direction of the cellular base station/cell tower of your service provider. As this antenna will receive signals from only one direction, pointing it in the direction of the cell tower is necessary for facilitating the reception of the cell signals from your carrier. 

Point The Antenna Away From Your Building

This is another important factor you have to notice when installing a directional antenna. Make sure to point it away from your building so that it won’t receive the signals coming from the internal antenna. The reception of the boosted signals by the external antenna can create a problem called oscillation that can reduce the performance of your boosters. 

There are several things you have to consider when installing the directional antenna of your cellular signal booster for getting the maximum performance from your booster.