Ways Of Improving Phone Signals Rated Based On Their Effectiveness

Girl using a cell signal booster.

When the cell signal at your home is not good enough, you need not wait for your telecommunications service provider to take some sort of action to correct it. The reason for the weak cellular reception can be something other than a carrier side issue. For instance, thick walls of buildings situated around your house might be responsible for the signal impediment. When you want a stronger, more reliable cellular reception, you should look at these possible solutions.

Even without poor signal, you may still wonder how to improve your phone signal. There are several possible ways to do it, and the effectiveness of each depends on different factors including the underlying cause of the issue.

The Most Effective: A Signal Amplifier

A cell service booster system can create stronger signals in the area it is located. The product kit comprises an internal antenna, a donor antenna and a booster. These three components work together to bring you a much stronger and more dependable cellular signal at home.

The effect of it is akin to the output you would have in the event of having a cell site transmitter in the residential building. One commercial signal amplifier can serve a maximum of 250 users while covering more than 1,000 square feet. 

Potentially Effective: Removable Antenna

You may consider attaching this product to your mobile phone to make the signal receiving antenna much more powerful. The antenna contributes to a marginal signal improvement, but it has some downsides. You may enjoy the compactness of your smartphone but utilizing an antenna on top of it will neutralize this benefit.

Possibly The Least Effective: A Cellular Sticker

In this context, the word ‘sticker’ refers to either a plastic plate having metal inserts or a fully metallic plate. They are placed on your cell phone’s battery. It is thought to aid in keeping electromagnetic radiation in a mobile device, thereby making it more capable of pinging cellular signals. These seem like great products because they will not make the device bulkier, there is no wire involved, and there can be signal improvement anywhere you go.

That said, this effect is just on paper; the actual result is likely to differ from it. Some say stickers do not work, but others say it does to some extent. No one says that it harms cellular signals in any way, so it would be worth a try if your device has a removable battery.