Want To Boost Your Cell Signal For Free?

A woman not using a cell signal booster is having signal issues.


Nothing in this world comes for free. Yet here we are, to help you boost your cell signal strength. Cell phones have become a fundamental part of our lives. Everywhere, there are people with a sleek slate in their hands or earphone wires protruding from their pockets. When we do happen to misplace or leave our cell phones away from us, we often feel like we have left out a crucial part of our life. 

We will tell you a few things that you can do to help crank up the signal in your phone, and all of this without spending a dime. Read on!

Ways To Boost Your Phone’s Signal Strength

Check Your Phone For Any Damage

Sometimes fall damage ends up doling out a beating to your phone. Even if the damage is not visible on the outside, the delicate circuitry may have taken more damage than is visible. Inspect your phone and look for any signs of damage. You can head to your mobile provider and run a diagnostic check on your phone to ensure that everything is in working order. 

Is Your Phone’s Software Up-To-Date

There may be bugs riddling your phone’s software, or optimizations that you may be missing out if your phone is behind on updates. Ensure that you are not left in the lurch, and update your phone before you do anything else.

Use Wi-Fi For Calls If You Have A Secure, Reliable Internet Connection

If you are experiencing bad reception, then a simple fix is to connect to a reliable Wi-Fi connection. This is great and free, and a quick way for you to jump over the hurdle of bad cell reception. If you are on the move, then try getting yourself a portable cell router

Disable LTE If Your Signal Bar Is Only Showing A Single Bar

If the signal icon on your phone shows only one single bar, then it means that the network is highly congested, or the signal quality is sub-par and weak. No matter what, disable the LTE and switch to a 4G or 3G network instead.

If nothing else works, then you may want to consider a cell booster. Cell phone boosters are reasonably priced devices that can help make your investment in an expensive phone worthwhile.