Easy Fixes For Cell Phone Reception

Hands holding a cell phone.

The smartphones that we use nowadays are being used for a whole lot more than just making calls. We text, send emails to work, browse the internet, check out new items that you can buy off of e-commerce stores, stream media, and go through the thousands of apps that are available. One thing that is needed to ensure that all of these functions are available to the user is healthy cell reception. 

Your phone should be functional and it doesn’t matter where, what time of the day or night, or whether you are at home, commuting to work, working out at the gym, shopping, visiting a bar or a restaurant, or simply taking a stroll through the park- you want your phone working 24X7. 

However, that is not always the case. Your cell reception can play spoilsport with you, and you are left fuming with a dropped call and data speeds bordering at 40 Kbps! 

There are a few ways in which you can improve the quality of cell reception on the fly. Let us take a look:

Don’t Move Around When Using Your Cell Network

When you are moving around, your cell phone and your network have to constantly adapt to your changing location. This makes it difficult, more than already is to hold onto a strong signal. 

Remove The Case Of Your Cell Phone

If you have a case, it might be the reason that could be contributing to weak signal strength. The case may be blocking and preventing the cell signal from making it to your cell phone’s internal antenna. Remove the case and see if there is an improvement in the signal strength. 

Get Away From Obstruction 

If you are near high rises and structures that could potentially block your cell reception, then moving away and towards an open area such as a park might suit you better. This will make it easier for the cell signal to reach you. if you in an area that has thick foliage and tree cover, then also your cell signal could be severely impacted. 

Identify The Nearest Cell Tower

If you know where your cell signal is coming from then all you have to do is to face in its general direction or move closer to it. If you are outside, move towards a position where there is no obstruction between you and the tower. 

If nothing else works there is always a cell phone signal booster or a 4G cell phone booster to watch your back.