Do You Want Better Cell Signal? Figure Out Where Your Nearest Cell Tower Is!

A woman using her phone to find the nearest cell tower.

There are many of you, who clicked on this post with angst and frustration. Why wouldn’t you be? Your cell phone is not doing the one thing that it was designed to do: hold a decent cell signal. Even I would be mad in such a situation! 

Now that we are on common ground, let us realize that fixing your cell phone signal is to figure out where the cell signal is coming from. Those who whispered ‘cell tower‘, are absolutely right. But where is the nearest cell tower? If you can figure out where the cell tower is, then you know where the signal is reaching you from. 

Using this information, you can come to the conclusion of whether a cell phone signal booster will indeed help you. Remember that the cell phone booster requires a signal to boost. 

Best Places To Start

  • Check The FCC Website

The FCC website has plenty of information which can be very useful. But this is only true for those who are familiar with the industry, as the data is quite raw and you will need to have some knowledge on what is what. 

  • Carrier Maps

Each of the cellular carriers has a map that shows the positions of each of their cell towers and the corresponding coverage of each. The location may not be present, and it may be only the coverage that you can see.

  • Third-Party Website And Applications

There are plenty of third-party websites for you to access. These make use of data from the FCC database and put it in a form that is easily accessible. You can get relevant information regarding the root metrics such as the carrier ratings, the upload and download speeds, the text and call connectivity, and the reliability of the network. 

  • Making Use Of Field Test Mode On Your Smart Phone

You can switch to field test mode on your cell phone, and it will indicate the cell signal strength in decibels. The range exists from -50 dB to -120 dB. The closer it is to -50dB, the better the signal strength. Move around the room and find an apt location for the best cell strength.

  • Making Use Of Professional Equipment

You can make use of professional equipment to determine the location of cell towers. These depend on your expertise and the degree of accuracy that you are looking for. You will get information regarding the current signal environment and the direction of the best tower for your carrier.