Do You Have To Connect Your Mobile Device To An Amplifier?

A woman trying to use her cell phone without signal.

Several people think that connecting a branded cell phone booster and a mobile device, is like connecting the latter to a wireless network, Bluetooth device, or hotspot. However, it is not true.


To connect your device to a hotspot or wireless network, you will open its settings app, choose the right network, and key in the password. It is essential to do this whenever you have a new cellular device. Passwords are to protect your data, but the credentials can be a slight inconvenience sometimes, particularly when you fail to remember these.


It is much easier to connect one device to the other through Bluetooth. You will navigate to your settings application and then choose the device that you wish to pair to. The latter device may be any product with a Bluetooth connectivity option, not just a mobile phone. As with wireless networks, you must do the same process again when looking to connect multiple Bluetooth devices.


Now, what about connecting a cellular signal amplifier? Does this process involve all of the hassles mentioned above? To cut the long story short, no. The connections should actually happen between the components of the booster system. This means you should establish a proper connection between the external antenna and the main booster unit before connecting the latter component to the internal antenna of the system. After doing the above, the amplifier that comes with the system will improve the signal available on a mobile device situated within its range.


This is to say, any cellular device in the area of the indoor antenna’s coverage will automatically have a boost in its signal strength. The user of that device will not require inputting any password, as in the case of the earlier connection processes. This is why many individuals refer to the cellular signal booster system as a plug-and-play (PnP) device.


The above process is also akin to a wireless booster connection. You will automatically receive better wireless signals after connecting the Wi-Fi booster to the wireless network of yours.


Now, Does The Above Mean That No Booster Involves A Direct Connection To A Portable Device?


Usually, mobile signal amplifier connection processes work in the aforementioned ways. Anyhow, there are also forms of boosters that you will have to connect directly to devices for better internet services. Some examples of these forms of products are M2M boosters. These products enable a better internet connection to devices such as automated teller machines, security systems, and cellular modems.