Common Reasons for Slow Downloads on Your Device

A cell tower in a rural area

Slow downloads have always been a concern and they continue to be a headache for many internet users. Even though there have been many developments in the speed and sophistication of cellular networks, slow download speeds can still cause a wide range of problems. From lags in streaming to interruptions in video conferencing and many other issues, a slow network connection can always be annoying.

There can be many reasons why your download speeds are slow. Therefore, you need to identify the cause properly to find a solution to the problem. Below are some of the most common situations that can lead to a slow network connection.

Data Throttling

Network data throttling is one of the most common carrier-side reasons for slow download speeds. All network carriers impose data throttling when customers exhaust their current plan’s monthly data usage limits. In this case, your data speeds will be restored only after the month’s end or if you upgrade to another plan.

Sometimes, network carriers also restrict data speed to control their overall costs. Low-cost plans, for instance, usually come with lower data transfer speeds, which allow network providers to upgrade the levels of their services provided at higher price points and lure customers to go for more expensive plans.

High Traffic

It is also seen that heavy network traffic can slow down the download speeds for some users. This is because several users looking to access the resources at the same time put more load on the internet infrastructure, which causes it to slow down. In some cases, hackers can also exploit a network for their malicious intents, which overwhelms the network infrastructure and leads to slow speeds.

Poor Cell Signal

Signal strength also plays a crucial role in determining your download speeds. A poor network signal, no matter what is causing it, can affect your data transfer speeds significantly and may lead to resending data most of the time that makes an upload or download slower. Yet at times, the site or app you are trying to access may also cause slow downloads, such as when it does not have enough resources to manage the heavy influx of users.

While you cannot address all these issues at your end, you can improve download speeds by boosting the signal strength at your place. So if you are sure that a weak signal is the reason behind your slow network speed issue, then get a cell signal booster to strengthen the data connection. As many of the common building materials can block cell signals, using a cell phone signal booster will come quite handy to improve the download speeds on your device.