Want To Boost Cell Signal In Your Mobile Home?

someone using a phone in an auto garage.

Mobile homes are a unique prospect, in the sense that they allow you to be on the move and not be rooted in one single place for the rest of your life. If you feel, you need a change in scenery, then simply trail the home to the picturesque place you have in mind. If you have gas in your tank, then there is nothing that is preventing you from hitting the roads with your mobile home.

One problem that people with mobile homes endure while moving about, is the terrible cell reception. You are left with a barely hanging reception icon on the corner of your screen, and you are unable to call or be in contact. When this happens often, it can become a problem. Especially if you are in an emergency while on the road, having a cell signal can mean the difference between life and death. Thankfully, a cell phone booster can help you take care of this issue and make it a thing of the past.

The Causes Of Poor Signal In Mobile Homes

There are two main reasons for your phone to struggle to catch a decent signal. These are:

You Are Far From The Nearest Cell Tower

Mobile home parks are situated in rural areas, which means that cell towers are quite a distance away. Apart from this, the rugged topography, hills, trees, and foliage, all go into making it difficult for the signal to reach you.

Construction Material Of Your Mobile Home

The construction material used varies from mobile home to the mobile home. Older homes may make use of sheet metal while newer ones incorporate energy-saving materials, such as window tints, and further insulation from sound and light – to give a more private environment, like you would in a traditional home. These make it difficult for your phone signals to penetrate.

The Solution

Finding the right call booster will help make life all simpler and hassle-free. These work by taking care of the problems outlined. To counter the weak signal from the outside, an amplifier will receive the weak signal via the external receptor on the roof of the mobile home and then boost it. This works while the signal is transmitted from the inside of the mobile home to the outside too. This means that you can bypass construction material and send and receive cell signals without any issues.