How To Buy The Best Signal Booster?

A signal booster helping a man use his phone.

A cell phone booster is an essential device for your home if you regularly experience call drops and slow data speeds. Call drops and slow data speeds are caused due to poor cell reception. The main reason for this is weak cell signals coming from the cell tower.

Our signal boosters are designed specifically for increasing the strength of the cell signals coming from the cell tower. There are many different types of cell phone boosters available in the market and selecting one can be difficult if you do not know which type of signal booster fits your needs. 

Let’s take a look at some of the important things you need to consider while buying a signal booster.


It is the first thing to consider before buying a signal booster. You need to choose a signal booster that has the highest uplink and downlink power. The uplink and downlink power are essential for having a clearer conversation over the phone. If the uplink power is too weak, the other party might not hear your voice clearly. Also, if the downlink power is not enough, you will not hear the other party clearly.

Coverage Area

You need to consider the place in your house you are going to install the signal booster before buying one. This is important because the coverage area is an essential factor to consider while buying the cell phone booster. There are signal boosters that can amplify cell signals for a single room and also boosters that could improve the cell reception inside the whole building. You should make the selection depending on your need. 

Type of Antenna

The outside antenna of the signal booster is of two types; omnidirectional and unidirectional. The omnidirectional antenna is ideal if you are living in an urban area because this type of antenna is able to capture the strongest cell signal from all directions. A unidirectional antenna can capture the cell signal from a single direction therefore it is ideal if you are living in a remote location. A unidirectional antenna is more powerful than an omnidirectional antenna because it can effectively capture cell signals coming from a cell tower located far away.

Product Support

It is important to check the product support offered by the brand before buying the cell phone booster. You need to choose a signal booster that has at least a warranty of 2 years or offers a money-back guarantee. Do a thorough internet search before deciding on a signal booster. This will give you an idea of the prices of different brands of signal boosters. Signal Booster UK will be happy to help you decide on what kind of booster is right for you!