What Can Affect 4G LTE Internet Speeds?

A cell tower used for 4G LTE

Many different factors are likely to have an effect on the speed of your LTE internet connection. For your information, the term ‘LTE’ stands for ‘Long-Term Evolution’. Roughly according to the order of significance, these factors are as follows.


The Signal Quality

When it comes to 4G Long-Term Evolution networks, the term ‘SINR’ refers to one of the measures of the signal quality. Boosting the SINR of yours could just dramatically make your internet connection speedier. Using a directional antenna, connected to either a 4G LTE hotspot or 4G signal booster for home use, is the optimal way of improving that SINR.


The Number Of Bands That Are Connected

Your smartphone or hotspot device can utilize multiple frequency bands to be connected to the nearest cell site. This phenomenon is termed ‘Carrier Aggregation’. In the event of the device being connected through more bands, you would possibly have higher internet speeds.


The Signal Strength

There exists a misconception that the strength of cellular signals is what plays the most part in the speeds. If this was the case, then the signal strength would have appeared higher on this particular list. This is not to say that the signal strength does not matter. Is the signal of yours stronger than about -100 dBm? If yes, a much stronger signal would not aid in increasing the data speeds.


Tower Congestion

If there are many users accessing the tower, then you are likely to have slower data speeds. Tower congestion may vary according to your band. Higher frequency bands generally go through buildings less as compared to the lower ones. This phenomenon will make higher bands less congested. Utilizing an external antenna connected to your hotspot device or cell phone booster will possibly aid you in accessing less-congested frequency bands.


MIMO Support

Your cell site and 4G-enabled smartphone work with multiple antennae, in the so-called ‘MIMO’ configuration, to boost data speeds. Almost every signal repeater is a ‘Single Input Single Output’ (SISO) product, but you may set up two systems parallelly to have a MIMO amplifier.



Carriers may throttle your internet speeds due to a number of reasons. The term ‘throttling’ refers to a process whereby telecommunications service providers deprioritize some subscribers or even limit the connection of them to a particular speed. Exhaustion of the data package is one of the reasons for throttling.