The Way Of Improving Cellular Signal Quality For Online Learning

A woman online learning with a signal booster.




Learning with the help of the internet is becoming more popular. It is also important, especially at a time when the COVID-19 threat is looming large. The stay-at-home guideline to tackle COVID-19 means that kids are made to attend online classes. That said, e-learning will be around in the future as well.


Unfortunately, children who reside in weak-signal areas have to take risky steps for online learning. One of these measures is getting outside of their residences for better signals. Kids are forced to do these kinds of things because cellular signals indoors are just not good enough for them to ensure internet connectivity there. Speaking of the state of being connected to the internet, here is a list of potential reasons why this is not always possible.


Reasons For Weak Cell Signals

The signals can be weak because of many different factors, which include the following.

The House To Tower Distance

Is your residence far away from the cell site that operates in the area of yours? If it is, then you would only have weak signals on your mobile device when indoors. When the cellular signal travels a longer distance, the signal will not only undergo greater attenuation, but it will also lose much strength.


Building Materials

Concrete, metals, and low-emissivity glass are three of the materials that can keep the signal from finding its way into a building. If your house is built with any, or a combination of these materials, you would have a weaker signal indoors as compared to the signal available outdoors.

Natural Obstructions

Are there hills, mountains, foliage, and/or other environmental things between the tower that transmits your carrier signals and your mobile device? The cell signals that hit these would be scattered and will be attenuated.


The Solution: A Cell Signal Amplifier

Online learning involves the use of audio and video, so it requires a strong cell signal reception. If the reception is weak at your location, then the solution you might want to use is a cell booster system. As the name implies, this solution will boost the weaker signal available there, and it will then deliver the amplified output to the device you use for learning. It will work to fix the issue no matter what the underlying cause of it is. So, you might wish to consider buying and using a signal booster for e-learning.