Monthly Archives: October 2020

A woman sitting on a kitchen counter using a cell phone.

Choosing Between A Femtocell And Cell Service Booster

Do you experience issues like call drops and undelivered messages? If yes, poor cellular reception may be the cause of […]

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a man using a cell phone in the car.

How To Boost Cell Signal In Rural Areas

It can often get extremely challenging for your cell phone to hook onto a decent enough cell phone signal, especially […]

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A man smiling while looking at his phone.

Why Do You Need A Cellular Signal Filter?

A cellular signal filter has the exact function that its name suggests, filters out unwanted signals. The device is used […]

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A cell tower in a rural area

Common Reasons for Slow Downloads on Your Device

Slow downloads have always been a concern and they continue to be a headache for many internet users. Even though […]

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A man using his cell phone with a mobile booster.

Features to Consider When Buying a Cellular Signal Booster

Cell phone signal boosters help you in many ways, such as providing clearer reception to ensure that you do not […]

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three cellular communication towers.

Tips For Choosing The Best Signal Amplifier For An Office

It is important to ensure reliable cellular signals for mobile phone users in an office. So, as an entrepreneur, you […]

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A woman trying to use her cell phone without signal.

Do You Have To Connect Your Mobile Device To An Amplifier?

Several people think that connecting a branded cell phone booster and a mobile device, is like connecting the latter to […]

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A woman using a cell phone in a basement.

How To Boost Cell Signal In The Basement 

Are you suffering from terrible reception down the basement? There are several offices and workshops at basement levels, not to […]

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Hands holding a cell phone.

Easy Fixes For Cell Phone Reception

The smartphones that we use nowadays are being used for a whole lot more than just making calls. We text, […]

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A man boosting his iPhone data speed.

Ways To Boost An iPhone’s Signal Strength And Data Speed

Having reliable internet speeds matters more than before, particularly if you work from home in the COVID-19 period. If your […]

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