Monthly Archives: September 2020

Satellite Phone Vs Cell Phone: A Comparison 

Cell phone use has become so popular that many find it difficult to even imagine a life without it. Modern-day […]

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A woman using her phone with a cellular signal booster in a mall.

Building Materials That Can Affect Your Cell Reception

One of the major reasons for having a poor cell reception inside your building is the blocking of the cellular […]

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A woman online learning with a signal booster.

The Way Of Improving Cellular Signal Quality For Online Learning

      Learning with the help of the internet is becoming more popular. It is also important, especially at […]

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A woman without a cell booster, holding up a nonfunctional phone

Things to know about WiFi calling 

WiFi calling is the answer to all your worries about connecting with your friends and family if you don’t have […]

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Illustration showing a phone receiving mobile signals.

Tips For Installing The Directional Antenna Of Your Cellular Signal Booster

When planning to buy a cellular signal booster, you should be aware of the type of antennas used in them […]

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A cell tower used for 4G LTE

What Can Affect 4G LTE Internet Speeds?

Many different factors are likely to have an effect on the speed of your LTE internet connection. For your information, […]

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A man using a cell booster antenna to use his phone.

A Brief Guide To Unidirectional Antenna

The outside antenna is one of the four major components of a signal booster system.  It helps to capture the […]

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Solution To VPN Connection Issue In Android Phones 

Although all users do not regard VPN as a necessity, many users find it a useful tool. The choice of […]

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A diagram showing the mechanics of a 4g cell booster.

Is The Time Of 3G Over?

Our senses are not any less bombarded by the advertisements hyping the future of 5G and wireless devices. Everything from […]

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