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Signal Booster is proud to offer the first 4G repeater kits on the market!

4G ee Offers Blazing High Speed Data

Our Most Popular Products

  • Signal Booster Ultimate – All UK Networks GSM 800/1800/2100 Voice/3G/4G Booster

    • Voice Calls – All UK Networks
    • 2G | 3G | 4G Data – All UK Networks
    • Up to 1000sqm
    • Up to 50 Simultaneous Users
    £885.00 £615.00
  • Signal Booster Primo – 3G All UK Networks

    • Improves Voice and Data for all UK Networks
    • Coverage up to 250 Sq. m
    • Supports 25 simultaneous users
    £235.00 £189.00
  • Signal Booster Mini – Vodafone & O2 Voice Booster

    • Voice and Text – All UK Networks
    • Coverage of up to 250sqm
    • Up to 10 Simultaneous Users
    £235.00 £159.00
  • Signal Booster Gain – EE Voice & 4G Booster

    • 4G – 1800MHz
    • Up to 250sqm
    • Up to 10 Simultaneous Users
    £235.00 £185.00
  • Signal Booster – Tri-Band – 900/1800/2100MHz – 1,000 SQM

    • PowerMAX TRI-Band GSM 900|1800|2100
    • Coverage up to 1,000 sq m
    • Supports 100 simultaneous users
    £1,295.00 £915.00
  • Signal Booster – All UK Networks – GSM 900MHz – 500 SQM

    • Voice and Text – All UK Networks
    • Up to 500sqm
    • Up to 50 Simultaneous Users
    £395.00 £245.00

Not Sure What You Need?

Use this tool to determine which Signal Booster products can be used with your phone carrier in your country

In order to determine which technology your phone carrier uses and to receive a recommendation in which Signal Booster solution is best suited for your needs, please respond to the questions below. In general most wireless phone carriers use one of GSM 900, GSM 1800, 3G 2100, or 4G LTE technologies. These correlate with the different frequencies the carriers use to broadcast their network signals. Some carriers are licensed to use multiple frequencies, which means that you will need a dual-band or tri-band repeater in order to ensure compatibility. If you are unable to find your country or phone carrier below please Contact Us and we will help determine which solution is best for you.

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